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10/10   metal-temple.com
9/10   powermetal.de
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9/10   powerplay rock and metal magazine
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Tearing Up The World hit #9 Top Rock 200 & #23 All Genres in Sweden on the release day!

”Album of the month”

”One of the finest pieces of the genre, one of the best we heard from the past five years. It’s an amazing work, so you can trust that Guardians of Time, for “Tearing Up the World” is a fantastic album.”

”#1 CD of 2018”

”If you like power metal you will like Guardians Of Time’s newest album. It’s as easy as that.
...Guardians Of Time is to be concidered as one of the best band in the genre”

”...for me there is only one word to say about this album: BUY!”

”...it’s definitely one of the best albums released this year.”


Live reviews, Blodstock Open Air 2019

...Atmospheric passages sit alongside relentless blastbeats and memorable hooks giving this enthusiastic crowd ample opportunities to join in during many sing-along choruses.
...Accessible but never generic in sound, it’s the kind of propulsive performance that might just see them stride across the hallowed turf beside genre stalwarts ICED EARTH and HELLOWEEN in the future.
Rating: 7/10


...These Norwegians will give any band a run for their money. It’s in their blood. Wasting no time, they entice people into the stage tent with their intense and dramatic vibe topped with high pitched ball-busting lyrics. All the band were active on that stage and used every square inch to parade on with their instruments.
...True performers and incredible musicians, these guys are the real deal.

Tearing up the World

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